Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to use your Vacu-Fresh Vacuum Packaging Machine

·          Size the product and the vacuum pouches properly, too large poly nylon vacuum pouch causes too many wrinkles, and too small a vacuum bag causes product distortion and improper seal.
·          Place the product on the loading (or bag loader) fingers of the slip the bag over the product allowing about 6" of bag to extend past the end of the product.
·          Place the bagged product with the open end flat on the seal bar of your Vacu-Fresh Vacuum Packaging Machine.

§          There are several types of Vacuum Chamber Machines.

·          Half of the product should be below the pressure bar and 1/2 the product above the pressure bar (as illustrated above).  Remove or add spacer boards as required.
·          The extended open end of the vacuum pouch should be laid flat over the pressure bar smoothing out all wrinkles and excessive moisture by pressing extended thumbs from both hands from the middle of the bag to the outside.

§          The open end of the pouch should extend 2" past the pressure bar and down into the well of the machine and never past the cover.

§          REMEMBER:  Vacuum Bags should not be overlapped.

·          Adjust the vacuum timer to a position where the vacuum pressure gauge will hold in a stationary position of 1.0 (29" pressure) on the pressure gauge, for 3 seconds.  Time settings will vary with size of product.

§          NOTE:  15 second setting with all boards in chamber.

·          Adjust the seal timer to a position where a clean seal (without wrinkles) is formed across the width of the bag.  Hold bag to light to check seal.  Seal timer should be set one position from the point of burning through the bag.  Heavy mil bags and products with moisture require a longer seal time.
·          Bone-in products should be protected with a bone guard prior to being placed in bag to prevent bag puncture.
·          Vacuumed products should be placed through the Vacu-Fresh Shrink Tunnel for best result.

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